E³.revision management

E³.revision management

Determ modifications by comparing two successive project states, with any previous state or with another project having the same origin.

Modifications are detailed documented both visually and logically – in list format (Excel), as graphical comparison (Multipage TIFF) or as schematic drawing with redlined comments (pdf).

Only track what you need to track

In order to limit the amount of modification information, the configuration tool in E³.Revision Management allows administrators to specify the information traced for modification comparisons.

Graphic and logical comparisons

All modifications are detailed both logically and visually: In list form (Excel), graphical pixel comparison (multipage TIFF), as well as as ’red mark’ in drawing (PDF).

Modification of Order Documentation

Generate the documentation you need to ensure that all changes requested by the field or production are implemented in the original design


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